Meet The Creator

I like to think of myself as a man of many strengths, and a multitude of talents; creative, comical, and captivating.  As I continue to evolve as a person, I have always thought outside of the box, whether it be my keen sight for detail when creating, curating events, or styling myself, peers, or clients.  Just knowing what flows allows me to bring my vision, or the vision of others to life.  


The creation of OMNI is all about blossoming into a better version of yourself; knowing you can do all things manifested by the mind.  Its a Lifestyle!  The process of evolution is the literal representation of OMNI, meaning of all things; ever changing. This lifestyle brand fully represents who I am as a person, and I am excited to introduce my brand that conveys a minimalist, yet luxurious appeal that will contain many different products ranging from a collective of candle sets, home decor, clothing, and skin care.  


OMNI the brand is meant to enhance who you are as person.  As someone who is willing to be and do all things to enhance and empower myself and those around me, I am excited to share OMNI with you, and can not wait for you to be apart of the OMNI life style.

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